What Exactly is “Planned Obsolescence”?

The term Planned Obsolescence gets thrown around in various industries. However, some may find the term and its meaning somewhat confusing. The Economist has done an outstanding job of explaining the term in a recent article: Planned obsolescence is a business strategy in which the obsolescence (the process of becoming obsolete—that is, unfashionable or no longer usable) […]

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“We would waste no time in choosing to work with GID Industrial again…”

Founded by driven professionals with more than a decade of experience in the product procurement and obsolescence management industries, GID Industrial has already received glowing marks from some of the most well-known entities in the Energy, Medical, Transportation, Aerospace and Semiconductor fields. Here’s a review we recently received from International Rectifier: International Rectifier, An Infineon Technologies […]

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About GID Industrial

GID Industrial was founded by several industry veterans who have extensive experience in industrial product fulfillment. GID specializes in supplying end-of-life industrial products. Our customer base ranges from Fortune 500 companies and government entities, to local municipalities and small- to mid-size businesses.

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